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Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez
If You've Got It, Flaunt It! 6 Celebs' Favorite Body Parts to Show Off

You know what they say: "If you've got it, flaunt it!" From Sofia Vergara to Jennifer Lopez, these six celebrities love showing off their favorite body parts:

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez on his 87th birthday in Mexico City
Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez Has Died

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died.

The Associated Press reports that a source close to the family confirmed his death Thursday afternoon. 

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Selena Gomez Launches Adidas NEO Label Summer Collection
Selena Gomez Launches Adidas NEO Label Summer Collection

Say hello to Selena Gomez the fashion designer!

The 21-year-old singer and actress has launched a new Adidas NEO summer 2014 collection today, according to E! News. Gomez launched her first line with Adidas NEO in the fall of 2013.

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12 Latinos You Never Knew Starred In Your Favorite Show
12 Latino Stars You Never Knew Were in Your Favorite Shows

When you turn on the TV, do you often wish that there were more Latino faces on screen? We do, too! But, we were shocked to find out that some of our favorite shows already had Latino stars. 
From Ed Weeks to James Roday, these 12 actors star in your favorite TV shows (and you probably never even knew they were Latino!)

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TBT: Movies You Forgot Latino Celebs Starred In
#TBT: 10 Movies You Forgot Latino Celebs Starred In

Remember the 1996 hit flick The Substitute? Or how about Britney Spears' Crossroads? For this week's Throwback Thursday, we're taking a look at 10 movies you (probably) forgot featured some of your favorite Latino celebrities:

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Find Out Why Selenis Leyva Doesn't Trust Any Of The Bitches In Orange Is The New Black Season 2
WATCH: The 'Orange is the New Black' Season 2 Trailer is Epic!

It's finally here!

Netflix released the full trailer for season two of Orange is the New Black, and it's so damn good. 

Piper is back in SHU, Morello is out of prison, and there's a new girl behind bars. Plus, find out why Gloria (played by Selenis Leyva) doesn't trust any of these bitches.

Here it is -- we'll be watching over and over until the new season is released on Netflix on June 6th: 

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Sofia Vergara On 'Fading Gigolo': Threesome Scene Made Me Nervous!
Sofia Vergara On 'Fading Gigolo': Threesome Scene Made Me Nervous!

Sofia Vergara always appears to be cool as a cucumber, but she admits there is one thing that makes her nervous.

According to E! News, the Modern Family star dished on her threesome sex scene in the upcoming film Fading Gigolo and revealed this was a first for her.

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Easter Treats for Kids
3 Delicious Easter Treats to Make With Kids

Easter is a time for food, family, and friends. It’s also a fun holiday for kids, who wake up to gifts from the Easter bunny, don their Sunday best, and hunt for brightly colored Easter eggs and cascarones.

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Gisele Sizzles In Bikini Shoot For H&M!
Gisele Bundchen Sizzles in H&M Bikini Shoot

Gisele Bündchen bares all in a new campaign for fashion retailer H&M. 

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WATCH: These Little Girls are the Cutest Judo Fighters Ever
WATCH: These Niñas are the Cutest Judo Fighters Ever

A judo instructor in Madrid, Spain recently had his 3-year-old daughter participate in her first ever judo match. Judo, which means "gentle way," is a modern martial art combat sport and not often do you get to see it performed in the most adorable way possible.

Watch Pedro Jose Moreno Velasco's daughter and her opponent go head-to-head in this competition as the cutest judo fighters ever:


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