'American Idol' Recap: Elijah Liu, Lazaro Arbos, and Devin Velez Rock the Semi-Finals!

The top 10 guys were serving up eye candy and romance during last night’s American Idol. Starting out the night was one of the judges’ favorites Elijah Liu, who had enough swag to seduce Nicki Minaj right off her seat (she did previously joke about wanting to have his baby after all). The Mexican and Chinese singer covered Rihanna’s hit “Stay,” which left us wanting to hit the mute button by the end.

Of course, Minaj praised Liu for having a New Kids on the Block type of vibe and being marketable. “I can see your face in blankets, pillows, and cups,” she added, “I think you picked a great song. You stayed in it and were committed. I liked it a lot.” 

Randy Jackson wasn’t really feeling it as much. “It laid kind of flat. It was so so for me.” We get that he has a Casanova stare, but that won’t be enough to win the competition! We hope he brings on the vocals if he makes it on next week.

While Liu received mixed reviews, Lazaro Arbos passed the semi-final round with flying colors. The Cuban singer performed Nina Simone’s feeling good and was cheered by the audience and the four judges alike. “Goodness me, if the audience here tonight is a good indication of America’s vote, we’re gonna be hearing from you very soon,” said Keith Urban.

Amen Urban! Mariah Carey also was a fan, but thought Arbos’ song choice was too low for his range. Despite that she said, “It impresses me how you throw yourself into whatever song you’re doing despite whatever adversity you have had to overcome,” she continued, “I was excited for you and proud of you.”

Devin Velez was the last Latino to grace the stage. The Puerto Rican idol hopeful remained true to his roots with a bilingual cover, “Somos Novios.” He serenaded the audience and gave us chills at home. Watch out Prince Royce! “You feel very real and believable,” said Minaj before complimenting him on looking like a Spanish Ken doll. We kind of agree with her on that one!

Watch all three performances below and let us know who you’re a fan of!