'American Idol' Recap: Matheus Fernandes and Lazaro Arbos Make Second Round of Auditions!

It was all about the boys for American Idol’s first round of Hollywood week. Out of 277 male contestants, half were given the boot last night, which created plenty of meltdowns and Amen moments for the rookie singers. The producers divided all of the men in groups of four to see if their Idol spirits were as on-point as their first auditions. 

We were so pleased that Matheus Fernandes delivered and impressed the judges. His height definitely wasn’t a factor when it came to delivering an amazing performance! Fernandes' group including, Gabe Brown, Mathenee Treco, and Nick Boddington sang Queen’s “Somebody To Love.” It was one of those rare occasions when the judges happened to love the entire group and approved them for solo rounds. See you next Mathecito...

Lazaro Arbos, who is challenged with a stuttering condition, experienced some drama with his group. “Sometimes when you can’t communicate well, people think you aren’t smart,” he said during rehearsals. Despite never hearing the song before, Arbos nailed his cover of The Beach Boys' “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Of course, once he was given a pass and two others were rejected, there was some drama about Arbos setting them back. But by the sound of it, the singer could have dominated the song all by himself!

We are so proud of our Latino contestants. What do you think about last night’s episode?