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Cristina Mari Arreola is the Associate Editor. Originally from El Paso, Texas, she earned her degree at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University before moving to New York City. In her downtime, you can usually find her scouring the city for the most authentic Mexican food (still looking), scaring herself silly watching horror movies, or frantically reading a novel from her (extremely lengthy) reading list. See what she's reading now on Goodreads, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

TK Abuela-Approved PMS Remedies
7 Abuela-Approved Remedies For The Worst PMS Symptoms

It's that time of the month, isn't it? You're doubled over in pain. You feel like vomiting. You need cheesy fries. You just want to watch telenovelas and cry. Yep, you're about to get your period. 

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Donald Trump Make America Great Again Hats Made Latinos
Oh, The Irony: Latinos Are Making Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" Hats

In an ironic twist of fate, the "Make America Great Again" hats that have become emblematic of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant presidential campaign are manufactured by — wait for it — Latinos. Shocking, we know.

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Spanish Tattoos Pictures
15 Spanish Quote Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Your Own Ink

Dreaming of ink that tells a story and pays homage to your Latin culture? Try a script tattoo — in español. These delicate, gorgeous designs will have you totally inspired to get your own piece of body art: 
MORE: 13 Celebs Who Got Inked For Love

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Kathleen Pagan Thanksgiving Tips
Kathleen Pagan Shares Her Tips For Throwing A Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner

Kathleen Pagan shares her tips for a fabulous Thanksgiving. 

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Latinas STDs Facts
What To Know About 5 Of The Most Common STIs Among Latinas

Here's the scary truth about Latinos and STIs: sexually transmitted infections affect Latinos at disproportionately higher rates than non-Hispanic whites. Even scarier, half of the 20 million people in the United States with some sort of STI in 2012 were between the ages of 15 and 24 — meaning that millennial Latinas need to listen up and pay attention when it comes to sexual health. 

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10 Memes You'll Understand If You Have Mexican Mom
10 Memes You'll Understand If You Have A Mexican Mom

She's brutally honest. Sometimes, she scares the sh*t out of you. But she also makes the best homemade tortillas this side of the border, and you love her unconditionally. 
If you grew up with a Mexican or Mexican-American mom, you can totally relate: 
MORE: 16 Items That Will Remind You Of Growing Up Mexican-American

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Y Tu Novio Season Video
This Video Nails The Horror Of "Y Tu Novio?" Season

'....y tu novio?' 'Non-existent, grandma. Non-existent.'

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AMAs 2015: The Best Memes & Vines Of The Night
AMAs 2015: The Best Memes & Vines Of The Night

Jennifer Lopez brought the heat. Selena Gomez slayed her performance. One Direction made every girl swoon. And Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor made the entire Internet cringe.

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