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Photo of Dead Mexican Infant Becomes Symbol of Senseless Drug Violence
Photo of Dead Mexican Infant Becomes Symbol of Senseless Drug Violence

A single photo has been known to change the course of history. 

Some are speculating that the horrific image of a slain seven-month-old infant and his bloodied parents, taken just moments after their murder and now circulating on social media like wildfire, could become a powerful symbol of the senseless violence sweeping thru Mexico in recent years.

The family has been identified as 24-year-old Juan Alberto Pano Ramos, 17-year-old Alba Isabel Colón and their child, Marcos Miguel Pano Colón, 7-months.

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Diego Luna FNL
Here's How Diego Luna Really Feels About #OscarsSoWhite

With the Academy Awards a month away, Mexican director and actor Diego Luna added his voice to the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in this year's nominations.

Luna, who spoke to Fox News Latino at the Sundance Film Festival, said the problem goes deeper than a simple award.

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FNL Exchange J.Lo
Jennifer Lopez & America Ferrera Open About Growing Diversity on Television

Television is on the path to finally embracing diversity, and Jennifer Lopez and America Ferrera are applauding it.

"It's been coming for many years," Lopez, promoting her new NBC police drama "Shades of Blue," told a TV critics' meeting Wednesday. "There's no denying what society is right now. It's not just race, it's gender, it's all kind of diversity being showcased."

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El Chapo FNL
Movie Depicting El Chapo's Escape Hits Movie Theaters in Mexico

The spectacular escape of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" (Shorty) Guzman from prison last July had all the ingredients for a movie and a feature film chronicling his breakout will hit Mexican theaters on Jan. 15, the distributor told EFE.

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Chita Rivera Gets Injured & Postpones 2016 New York Shows
Oh No! Chita Rivera Postpones 2016 Shows Due to Injury

Fans of Chita Rivera will have to wait a little longer to see her perform at Cafe Carlyle in New York City. The actress and singer postponed her show after being injured in a fall over the Christmas holiday.

Rivera was to appear at the legendary venue on Jan. 12 to 23. She will now take the stage from April 19 to 30 as she recovers from a pelvic stress fracture.

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Miss Costa Rica Throws Jabs at Miss Guatemala & Angers Guatemalans
Miss Costa Rica Throws Jab at Miss Guatemala & Angers Guatemalans

It was quite a Miss Universe pageant this year.

Not only did Steve Harvey pull an all-time boner by awarding the winner’s tiara to Miss Colombia by mistake, now it turns out that the behind-the-scenes maneuvering between contestants for the crown got pretty catty as well.

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U.S Citizen Gets Deported From Mexico After Being Accused of Robbing a Woman
Mexico is Deporting U.S. Citizens More and More Each Year

Patrick Kowalski was 26 when he got bored of his job in the U.S. and took a trip to Mexico on a tourist visa in search of adrenaline and ready for anything.

He wanted to live like a Mexican, he said, and get to know the historic and cultural sites that everybody around him seemed to be talking about.

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New Census Data Shows Latino are Making More Money But Still Living Below Poverty Line
New Census Data Shows Latino are Making More Money But Still Living in Poverty

Latinos in the U.S. are making more money, especially the women, but the number of Hispanic families below the poverty line continues to increase, according to Census Bureau data released last week.

The new data is part of the American Community Survey that provides a snapshot of certain aspects of American life that otherwise wouldn’t be available until the 10-year census. For Latinos, the picture is simultaneously optimistic and bleak.

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Jennifer Lopez on Her Las Vegas Residency: It Will Be a "High-Energy, Bronx Kind of Block Party"
Jennifer Lopez on Her Las Vegas Residency: It's a "Bronx Kind of Block Party"

Starting next month, Jennifer Lopez will take her place on the coveted Las Vegas strip for her much anticipated residency at Axis at Planet Hollywood — and she is promising a “high-energy, Bronx kind of block party” every night.

“The most exciting shows make you dance and scream and jump up and down,” the 46-year-old told Vegas Magazine. “I want people to really let loose. I’m just looking to do the best Jennifer Lopez show anyone has ever seen,” she said.

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FNL Exchange
Newborn Found Abandoned in Church's Nativity Scene

A custodian at a New York City church was sweeping up when the baby Jesus in a nearby nativity scene seemed to come alive.

Jose Moran, a janitor at the Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens, said he had just gotten back from lunch when he heard a child crying. Thinking it was a mother with a child he went back to work before realizing that there was no other adult in the church.

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