Jesus Trivino

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jesus Trivino Alarcon began his professional journalism career at Vibe and has held editorial positions at Harris Publications,, and Additionally, he has written and reported for the NY Daily News, SLAM, The Source, XXL, Inked,,,, and many more. In his 14-year career he’s interviewed countless celebrities including Carmelo Anthony, Demi Lovato, Marc Anthony, Rosario Dawson, Willie Colón, Jay-Z, Nas, Jessica Alba, John Leguizamo, 50 Cent, Kanye West, among others. Today, as Latina’s Entertainment Director he’s constantly thinking WWJD—What Would Juanes Do? Follow me on Instagram @JesusTalks and Twitter @JesusTalkz
Favorite Latino fashionista: Carmelo Anthony
My first celebrity crush: Iris Chacon, Yuri
Something people don't know about me: At 11, I was working with my dad at a kosher butcher shop on Sundays. Child labor be damned! It instilled a work ethic in me that I still have to this day. Thanks, Pops. 
Guilty pop culture addiction: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bad Girls Club, Real World
Two words that describe Elvis Crespo: Jerk Chicken
If I met Jennifer Lopez, I would: take the 6 train to the Bronx. We’d find the nearest bodega and get quarter drinks and share a bag of salt & vinegar chips. Then I’d realize it was Jennifer Lopez who works at my doctor’s office.
Movie that makes me cry: A Better Life, Up
Celebrity I'd switch teams for: Juanes
Latino artist on my iPod right now: 3BallMTY
Favorite Interview with a Latino Celeb: Willie Colon
Favorite Latin dish: Sopa de Bola
Favorite Spanish-Language Song: “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor”—Juanes
Proudest Moment as a Latino: When I got the call to work at Latina. To be able to promote our culture and gente to the masses is incredible. Dale!

Commentary: Dr. Dre’s Abusive Past is Bigger Than Hip-Hop
Commentary: Dr. Dre’s Abusive Past is Bigger Than Hip-Hop

If Straight Outta Compton wasn’t such a moneymaker, would Dr. Dre have released a public apology to the women he abused in the past? It’s highly unlikely. Decades before the release of the N.W.A.

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Exclusive: Julieta Venegas on ‘Algo Sucede,’ Domestic Violence & Latinidad
EXCLUSIVE: Julieta Venegas on ‘Algo Sucede,’ Domestic Violence & Latinidad

Julieta Venegas is a Latin music treasure. The Mexican singer’s signature earthy, Latin American vibe permeates throughout her seventh album, Algo Sucede. It’s especially evident on her lead single, “Ese Camino,” a song about how childhood memories stay with us for life. Here, Venegas speaks about her new album, domestic violence in Latin America and the future of Latinos.

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Watch: Mercedes Mason Lost Her Shit When She Booked ‘Fear The Walking Dead’
WATCH: Mercedes Mason Lost Her Sh*t When She Booked ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Before the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead this Sunday, watch actress Mercedes Mason explain her feelings about being on the show (excited as f*ck!) and describe her character, Ofelia, an acculturated Latina (we know a thing or two about that).

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Exclusive: Diego Boneta on #LoveTravels, ‘Scream Queens’ & Getting Rejected in the 3rd Grade
Exclusive: Diego Boneta on #LoveTravels & Getting Rejected in 3rd Grade

Diego Boneta — actor, singer, in your girl’s top 5, globetrotter. This week, the Mexican actor partnered with Marriott International to launch #LoveTravels, which encourages all travelers to talk about their traveling experiences on social media.

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Exclusive: Jorge Bernal On Work Ethic, ‘Corny Telenovelas’ & Fatherhood
Exclusive: Jorge Bernal On Work Ethic, ‘Corny Telenovelas’ & Fatherhood

Jorge Bernal works harder than you. It’s a fact, not a guess.

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WATCH: Dania Ramirez Releases Doc on Her Immigrant Experience
Dania Ramirez Releases Touching Documentary on Her Immigrant Experience

Devious Maids star Dania Ramirez is a shining example of Latino immigrants in the U.S. She’s a successful actress, a super mommy, and now a director. In her directorial debut, An American Alien, which is in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month.

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Exclusive: Harry Chum Jr. Talks ‘Shadowhunters,’ ‘Fake Off,’ & Not Surfing in Costa Rica
Exclusive: Harry Shum Jr. Talks ‘Shadowhunters' & Living in Costa Rica

What do you do after a successful run on a beloved series like Glee? Well, if you’re Harry Shum Jr., you become a warlock... from Brooklyn.

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Culture Shock: Dascha Polanco's Shares HEr Latino BBQ Habits
Culture Shock: Dascha Polanco's Shares Her Latino BBQ Habits

Do you need ideas on how to throw the perfect Memorial Day Latino BBQ? No worries! Our June/July cover girl, Dascha Polanco, got you covered!

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Watch: 4 Annoying People You Meet at The Gym
Watch: The 4 Most Annoying People You Meet At The Gym

It's almost swimsuit season! And you if haven't been hitting the gym hard there's still time (not really). Yet, if you have been calling the gym your second home, chances are you might have met a few of the most annoying people you'll encounter in life.

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