Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: My 3 Favorite Items In My Closet! (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Hi Jasminators! Today's blog focuses on my top 3 favorite items in my closet :) You guys have probably seen me wearing a lot of these pieces at red carpet events, so you will probably recognize them when you see the pics.

I'm sure you all have your top items too that you like to wear, so you better leave a comment and share them with ya girl!

1. Jasmine V Closet Favorites: Pizza Purse

Pizza Purse

Haha. I don't know the actual name of the purse but because of its shape, I call it my "pizza purse." I got this bag at Wasteland Vintage Store in LA. I love this bag because it is small enough to go out at night with, but big enough to fit my favorite must-have times at all times: lipgloss, mascara, and phone :)

2. Jasmine V Closet Favorites: Combat Boots

Spikey Combat Boots

I'm obsessed with combat boots. I found this shoe at Wasteland Vintage Store. It was the last shoe and it just happened to be my size 7 :) I had to get it!! I love Wasteland because you will find one-of-a-kind pieces there and sometimes it's the only one, so no one else will have it. I like to rock these boots with dresses when I'm trying to tone down the look. I also love rocking them with Bermuda cut-off jean shorts and a baggy tee. I also love the spikes on them. I always feel like a badass when I'm wearing these boots.

3. Jasmine V Closet Favorites: Brian Atwood Pumps

Brian Atwood Pumps

Every girl MUST have a pair of black heel pumps in her closet. Remember, these pumps must be comfortable for they will be your go to shoes when you can't find a pair of shoes to go with your outfit. To me, Brian Atwood shoes are super comfortable but yet are edgy and stylish enough to fit with my style. You can rock black pumps with any outfit. I prefer to wear these with dresses or some cut-off loose boy cut jeans and a tank top. You can always top off that look with an edgy suit jacket.

I hope you liked my top 3 items. Leave me a comment and let me know if you recognized any of the items. Also, don't forget to tell me your top 3 fave items in your closet under the comment section below :)