Afro-Latina Beauty Week: Get Joan Smalls' Luminous Skin!

We're celebrating the last week of February as Afro-Latina beauty week, with a nod to all the beauty and diversity of Latinas! Be sure to check in the rest of the week for a new beauty tip specifically catered to Afro-Latina chicas!

Joan Smalls gives us serious envy with her glowing, beautiful skin. Honestly, could she glow even brighter? To get the look, follow these three steps!

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Dry skin flakes are the nemesis to any glowing look. Don't know which scrub to try? We're big fans of this black currant and vanilla one from Bath & Body works. (It smells so good!)

2. Moisturizing is key. But if you're not a huge stickler for lotion, you'll love Vaseline's Spray & Go Moisturizer. Seriously, this stuff works and takes seconds to apply. Best part? It won't leave you greasy. (We love the cocoa butter version, $6.)

3. Illuminate your skin with a bit of Skin Illuminator (CK One, $20) or another highlighting product. Use just on the places you want to draw attention to, such as your cheekbones, collar bone and shoulders. 

Tell us: how do you keep your skin looking great?