ET Host Rocsi Diaz Shares Her Style Tips & Beauty Tricks! (EXCLUSIVE)

Rocsi Diaz knows a thing or two about style. As the former host of 106 & Park and with a new gig on Entertainment Tonight, she is always working in front of the cameras -- and she looks good doing it. We caught up with Rocsi to get the scoop on her style tricks, beauty tips and what three products she can't live without.

What do you consider to be your "standout" feature -- something you love the most about yourself when it comes to beauty or style?

My most standout feature I think is my legs. I'm always told I have amazing legs, even though I don't see it, hah! I just think it's the shoes! I know when it comes shoes I'm a pro. 

How do you enhance that?

When I want to enhance my legs to look really toned I use a liquid bronzer and sculpt my legs. 

What are your top 3 beauty products you swear by? Why?

1. Orbie dry shampoo - it is a life saver when I am on the road and in between shampoos. It really pulls the oil out of my hair and I'm able to style as if I just got a wash.

2. Neutrogena make up wipes are perfection for wiping all my TV makeup or club makeup off. 

3. I love my Sonicare tooth brush - it always makes me feel like I have the cleanest, brightest smile. 

What's one style tip you think people underestimate or don't follow enough?

I think people underestimate the need for an amazing tailor. He/she can change an outfit to really flatter you. I'm so short and I have a small waist with Latin hips, so I'm always needing to have everything tailored.   

If you were able to steal the wardrobe of one person, who would that be?

Hah, of course I would steal J.Lo's closet!


Everything she wears is fabulous I love her. 

What's your typical beauty routine?

It's funny, when people think of "beauty" they think of what you put on your body. My number one beauty tip? Make sure to drink a lot of water. That really is teh biggest secret to great skin. 

What's the one beauty tip you wished you had learned earlier in life?

I'm not sure about this one my mom really taught me great tips and wouldn't allow me to wear make up or color hair till I was older and knew how to. I think that saved me from early mistakes. 

Any style do's or don'ts that you live by?

Do drink lots of water. Don't let anyone do your eyebrows!