EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Behind Zoe Saldana's 'Live By Night' Roaring '20s Beauty Look

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Behind Zoe Saldana's 'Live By Night' Roaring '20s Beauty

Ben Affleck is taking us back in time to the days of Prohibition in his latest directorial adventure, Live By Night.

Starring Affleck, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana and Elle Fanning, the dramatic crime thriller tells the story of Joe Coughlin (played by Affleck), a Boston-bred gangster (and the son of Boston PD's Deputy Superintendent) who makes his way to Florida and winds up in dangerous territory after he crosses a mob boss. Joe also stumbles upon love after meeting Graciela (played by Saldana) while doing business in the rum business.

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We were drawn to the Dominican and Puerto Rican actress character's hair and makeup, as it was the perfect depiction of the roaring '20s. We caught up makeup artist Vera Steimberg, who worked on Saldana's look for the film. Steimberg gave us all the secrets, from the inspiration to the products she used.

Get all the deets to Saldana's character's beauty in our exclusive below:

What was the idea behind Graciela's look?

The idea behind Zoe's Graciela look was warm, vibrant, shiny, life-like despite the Great Depression.  Women made themselves up for good morale, to be "work-able" and look healthy even tough there might not have been a lot of food.  Blush was not used as contour.  It was used the opposite way — to create fullness and brighten the eyes, thus the placement right up next to the lash line. Brows were arched and groomed, showing concern for getting one's self together, like making one's bed in the morning, and Zoe's were perfect for this.

Our costume designer Jacqui [West] and I whole heartedly agreed on what Man Ray called "the red badge of courage" — daily lipstick! In the 30's, lips were no longer rosebud shape like in the 20's but long yet NEVER over drawn.

The character of Graciela makes Joe want to "live by day" instead of the way he used to live — by night.  Her makeup reflects how she embraces life!

Where did you draw inspiration?

Inspiration were 1930's actresses and models Lavada Carter, Ethel Moses, Nina Mae McKinney, Theresa Harris and especially Renée Perle.

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Which products were your go-to?

So sorry as I’m currently out of the country, and I don't have the list of products with me.... But I can tell you that I used the line Votre Vu on her lips, and I used dark brown on the outer corner of her lids with a highlight under eyebrow and inner corner of her eyes. Her look was always more softer no eyeliner but worked with eye shadows and mascara. I used Laura Mercier Radiance to give her a glow prior to the make-up.