Get The Look: Yalitza Aparicio And Gabriela Rodriguez At The Oscars

Photo: ABC

Oscar night was extra special for Roma star Yalitza Aparicio and the film's producer Gabriela Rodriguez.

The pair celebrated their first Academy Award nominations, Aparicio for Leading Actress and Rodriguez, as a producer on the film, became the first Latina ever nominated for Best Picture.

And although neither took home Oscar gold, they carry a legacy that will last far beyond Sunday's celebration. 

One thing is for certain, both ladies made sure they were dressed to the nines, from head-to-toe. The duo worked with celebrity stylists Matilde Campos and Matt Collins, who ensured there was not one hair out of place on Hollywood's biggest night.

The secret to their flawless hair: Dyson Supersonic hair dryer! While Campos and Collins used the professional version ($449.99) there's a more affordable option made for you and me that retails for $399.99.

“The look I created was created just for Yalitza and for who she is," Campos said. "She has natural beauty and beautiful long hair, so I didn’t want to add anything to it.”

Get The Look:

* Starting with damp hair, I used the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Professional Edition to blow dry the hair, concentrating on the root until hair is 90% dry. Concentrating on the roots allows the hair to dry faster.

* Prep the hair using Oribe Volumista Mist for volume. Take small partings and spray directly on the root and comb through.

* I love using a small amount of oil mixed in with Oribe Volumista Mist throughout the length of the hair. When spraying it all over, I combine it with Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute. The oil helps with flyaways pre-blow dry.

* On the ends of the hair, I use Rusk Deepshine Oil. This oil does not weigh the hair down and allows it to have bounce. I finish this mixture off by adding a quarter size amount of Amika Velveteen Dream through the hair. It really gives that added smoothness. I comb the hair through once again.

* Next, I created volume by using a round brush and blow dried the hair using small partings, over directing at the root using the Dyson Supersonic’s smoothing nozzle on the highest setting. I created a slight bump on her ends as an added finishing touch.

* Once the hair is dry, I finish off the look using Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This gives the hair a natural flow while still maintaining its hold. I then take a tiny small amount of the Ouai Matte Pomade and rub it through the hands until it completely dissolves and disappears. This product works incredibly for any fly aways. The key is to use very little and only as needed on those hard to tame follicles.

* Using a drop of Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel, I ran my hand through the length of the hair to take away any remaining fly always then finished off the look with Oribe Light Shine Reflecting Spray. This product is light and it just gives it the right amount of shine.

For Rodriguez, Collins says he, "wanted to focus on a super high shine and sleek look for Gabriella’s Oscar look.”

Get The Look:

To start, I applied a strong volume mousse to the hairline. I used my Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Professional Edition on the highest heat and speed settings and a boar bristle brush to perfectly smooth the hairline and baby hairs.

I put in a strong, just off-center part. Then I added more mousse to the part and again blow dried it with the Dyson Supersonic’s styling concentrator nozzle to keep the part perfect and flat.

With the styling concentrator still on the Dyson Supersonic, I blow dried her full head of hair to be very sleek and high shine. I then used a light gold hair spray to pull the hair back and tied it into a low ponytail, just up from the nape of the neck.

I split the pony in two, twisted each section, and sprayed with a high hold spray. I twisted one section around the base of the pony. I did the same with the second section but twisted it the opposite direction and pinned into place.

To finish the look, I sprayed a high shine spray and strong hold spray on top and used my Dyson Supersonic with the diffuser head on high heat and low speed to lock in the look as I sprayed. I repeated this a few times so every hair was perfectly locked into place.