Afro-Latina Beauty Week: Tatyana Ali’s So-Shiny Style

It’s day two of Afro-Latina Beauty Week! Today’s topic: Tatyana Ali’s incredibly shiny hair.

To get hair with this much sheen, you first need it to be incredibly healthy—which can be hard to achieve when your texture is very coarse or curly. The goal is to moisturize every chance you get. Hydrated hair looks shinier because the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair, which—when you magnify it—looks like shingles on a roof) is flat and reflects light, unlike damaged hair, which is rough and dull because the cuticle is frayed. So start using a deep conditioner in the shower, then always apply a leave-in conditioner.

Step two: Apply a shine serum (I like Cantu Super Shine Hair Silk, $7, which is packed with good-for-you shea butter and protein) through damp strands. Start with a dime-size amount, then add more if you need to. Now, blow it straight with a paddle brush, aiming the hot air down the strands to help flatten the cuticles even more. Finally, rub a few drops of the serum into your hands, then run your palms down your dry hair for an extra level of shine.