WATCH: Amara La Negra Shuts Down Haters & Shows Off Her Natural Afro In This Hair Tutorial


From the first episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami, loyal viewers were amazed to see the Afro-Latina star of the show, Amara La Negra. From her effortlessly gorgeous coils to rich melanin complexion, once the Dominican showstopper was introduced many were captivated by her natural beauty. 

Yet some were still not convinced her body, skin tone, or afro were real. Many allegations were made around her appearance, internet trolls accused La Negra of wearing a wig and black facing herself. This isn't the first time the 27-year-old breakout star has been accused of inauthenticity, hence why she decided to create a hair tutorial to shut down the haters.

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In the video below, Amara is getting her hair braided by her supportive mom, showcasing her afro and natural state. The Miami-bred singer laughs off the pain as her mom untangles her hair. 

"For those who talk nonsense, this is how the process works," said La Negra in Spanish on camera. Drops the mic!