You Won't Believe Why This Beauty Blogger Shaved All Her Hair Off


Long hair, don't care? Well, if you're obsessed with adding a little extra volume and bundles to your mane, you may want to rethink frequently using extensions. Recently, beauty blogger Vanessa Martinez shared her personal experience with extensions and the reality of its pros and cons. 

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Known for her vibrant and honest beauty tutorials, the Youtube star let her friend shave all her hair off due to microbead extensions thinning out her hair. 

"No matter what type of extensions you do, you may go slightly bald, just from the weight," said Vanessa. The Youtube sensation then continues to show her viewers all the random bald spots she's developed due to her extension obsession.


Martinez also discloses that her reasoning behind the drastic bare look is purely due to her hair damage. "I am not sad, or have any illness, I am simply doing this to start over." 

Though hair extensions seem like the best quick fix to longer locks, the most difficult task is to upkeep with the damage control.

What have your experiences been with hair extensions? Can you relate? Sound off in the comments section.

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Check out the full video of Vanessa's hair transformation below.


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