The Best Oils for Hair Growth

if your hair isn't growing beyond your usual length, then your strands are in need of some major nourishment.

Natural oils are essential when it comes to maintaining healthy long locks. Here are some of the best to incorporate into your hair care routine so you can achieve Rapunzel-worthy strands:

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1. Castor Oil

There’s a reason why you can find castor oil in most hair growth and strengthening products. This tropical gem is filled with nourishing vitamins and fatty acids like vitamin E and ricinoelic acid, which helps treat scalp inflammation. This combo of nutrients helps stimulate blood circulation aiding the hair growth process. Massage directly onto your scalp and leave in overnight as a deep treatment for optimum results.

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2. Jojoba Oil

Don’t sleep on the jojoba oil, ladies. For centuries Native Americans have turned to the jojoba plant for its healing properties, but this plant also has amazing beauty benefits. Adding a few drops of this oil into your conditioner, or applying directly onto the scalp helps reduce hair loss, promotes new growth and adds rich moisture to your strands.

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3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint isn't just for freshening your breath. Oil extracted from the hybird spearmint and watermint plant, Mentha Pipertita, is the key to a healthy scalp. This oil helps to soothe and clean the scalp, and also rejuvenates hair follicles promoting hair growth.

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4. Olive OIl

Dry, brittle strands simply won't grow the same way as healthy and hydrated hair. If your hair is in dire need of moisture, then olive oil is just what you need. This essential oil not only provides your hair with rich vitamin E but it also contains oleic acid which helps to seal moisture into each strand. 

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5. Argan Oil

Who hasn't heard of the amaazzing hair benefits of this "liquid gold." Moroccan argan oil is chock full of hair-loving antioxidants and fatty acids that will leave you with long luscious locks in no time. 

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6. Coconut Oil

All hail, coconut oil! This tropical beauty wonder not only provides your pelo with rich moisture, it also helps promote hair growth, thicken your strands, and prevents damage. Plus, it'll leave your hair smelling muy delicioso

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7. Chia Oil

The thought of chia seeds in beauty may have never crossed your mind, but this little Mexican superfood may just be the key to those long locks you've been longing for. Chia in the form of oil allows you to directly apply its protein rich nutrients directly onto the hair follicles, resulting in lustrous and healthy strands. 

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