10 Celebrities Who Have Rocked Colorful 'Dos

Would you dare to dye your hair bright pink or even green? Celebrities use colorful hair to express themselves creatively, while also taking risks. Check out these Latinas, including the late Celia Cruz and Demi Lovato, who have “Tasted the Rainbow” with their hair:

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1. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice usually plays it safe when it comes to her luscious brunette hair. However, recently the actress shared a picture on Instagram showing off her new look — a touch of pink. The playful selfie shows the MTV Eye Candy star sporting a strand of pink hair braided on the side of her head.  "I love color," she added. "There are days where I just want to dye my whole head some crazy color but I think I'm too [chicken emoji].”

Although we don’t know if she has fully committed to the color or the pink strand is simply extensions, Justice looks like she is having fun with her youthful look.

2. Celia Cruz

Before colored hair was even a trend, Celia Cruz was rocking her colorful wigs. The Cuban singer put the azúcar into her life with her many multi-colored wigs. Her outrageous wigs and brightly colored dresses just added to her incredible charm and stage presence. Her image and music remain iconic in the Latino community. Cruz was and will always be the “Queen of Salsa” (and colored hair)!

3. Dascha Polanco

Talk about fifty shades of grey! The Orange is the New Black actress debuted her grey to lavender ombré hair at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City on September 7, 2014. Polanco's breathtaking hair started silver gray on the roots and gradually turned into a soft lavender shade. In an interview with Buzzfeed, la Dominicana revelaed that her new 'do was actually a wig. “I worked with Cynthia Alvarez. I said, 'Let me try out one of your grays and let’s play with it.' So, she made a wig for me," she said.

"She’s amazing. It’s the perfect blend, beautiful ombré. Usually my hair looks kind of chic when I’m at a public event, but I wanted to play. She’s working on other things for me as well. You might see me a lot in the changing hair.”

4. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is no stranger to the colorful hair trend! The style icon and designer has been fiercely sporting colors like lavender and dark teal. Recently, Richie unveiled her newest hair color on Instagram posting a picture of three Polaroids of herself with bumblegum pink locks captioned, “Thinking Pink #fauxfur.” The Candidly Nicole star recently revealed that her 7-year-old daughter Harlow is a big fan of her mother's new pink look.

“She loves it! She’s so used to it at this point,” she told PEOPLE. “Her dad has been wearing colored hair since she was born, so it’s something she — both of my kids — embrace it. They love it, their friends like it, so it’s fun.”

5. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato knows perfectly how to express her edgy persona with her vibrant hair colors. Lovato told Hollywood Life that “changing up my hair is one of my favorite ways to express myself.” She has experimented with all the colors of the rainbow — from a natural brunette to an eye-catching pink ‘do.

Ever wonder how you would look with pink or blue hair? Look no further! The 22-year-old singer created Secret Color Hair Extensions a line of colored extension for her fans to be able to express themselves with vibrant colors without the commitment of dying their hair. The hair extensions come in four bright colors — purple, red, blue and pink. 

6. Christina Aguilera

Even before ombré was a hair trend, Christina Aguilera has been adding different steaks of colors to her hair. In the early 2000’s Aguilera dyed her hair platinum blonde and black. The black streaks gave the perfect bad-girl look for her music video “Dirrty.” The powerhouse vocalist brought back her ombré look by rocking platinum blonde hair and lavender and hot pink tips. She also sported her colorful look for her “Your Body” music video.

7. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez loves to stay fashionable even with her hair. When ombré hair became a big trend the “Heart Wants What it Wants” singer sported bright blue and purple extensions to complement her brunette hair. The pop of color gave her a youthful look, perfect for her tour. After posting a picture of her new colorful look, the 22-year-old singer tweeted: “Change is good.”

8. Shakira

Although most people know Shakira for her golden curls, the Colombian singer has gone through her fair share of hair changes. In the beginning of her career, Shakira dyed her hair from black to red. The singer’s fiery hair complimented her rocker-chic persona in her music video “Ojos Así!” The red hair phase did not last long before the singer opted for dyeing her hair blonde. Since then Shakira has embraced her golden locks and has even said, "I like that blond hair gives a lot of light onstage and makes my face pop a little more."

9. Lourdes Leon

Like mother like daughter! In the '80s Madonna dyed her hair neon pink and yellow. A couple decades later, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon followed her mother’s footsteps and dyed her hair green. The young fashionista sported her edgy look out in New York. This wasn’t the first time Lourdes opted for a more risky look. The year before, the 18-year-old sported the one-sided shaved look.

10. Thalia


The Mexican-born actress rocks waist long pink locks. On her Instagram the telenovela star credits Kim Kardashian for her pink hair inspo. "This is what happens when Kim gets distracted!" she captioned. What do you guys think of the colorful pink?