5 Reasons FORM Beauty Is the Most Inclusive Haircare to Hit the Market

Tis the season for all curly and textured chicas to rejoices in the name of rizos. With an endless amount of products giving your curls false hopes, there's one beauty brand we're about to put you on to  – and it's everything you've probably dreamt of. 

Still relatively new to the beauty game, FORM Beauty has been a top choice among many Latinas and Afro-Latinas who've given their products a test drive. Along with winning best in hair for our Beauty Awards 2017, the collection ranges from shampoos, conditioners, "stylers" (new term for styling products), and more --- it's an easy one-stop shop for many. The modern-day brand's packaging is appealing to the everyday woman merely trying to slay her hair without damage. Here's why it's the new 'IT Hair line' to watch out for it in 2018.  

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1. Every Textured or Curl Pattern Welcomed

Struggling to stop putting your pelo through heat damage or have you recently gone natural with the big chop? For the ladies who are having a hard time staying away from heat, try adding moisture to your hair routine with the Revive Restorative Conditioner, $26, which leaves your hair deeply conditioned with proteins that help repair processed hair and more. All natural mamis give the Multitask 3-in-1 Leave-in Lotion a try as it transforms your texture into silky bouncy curls. The formula is infused with coconut oil, argan oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil providing nutrients back to the hair shaft. 

2. Diversity Campaign Winner

Since the beginning of time, the world has set out to keep different cultures, races, and indentities separated for a reason. The secret is we're stronger together than we are apart, and luckily more brands such as FORM Beauty, Fenty Beauty, and more are uniting us through inclusive branding. 

3. Celebrate Your HAIR-story

Let's make history and celebrate our hair-stories with each other through empowerment one coil, curl, and twist at a time. The millennial pink packaged brand has pioneered the art of making stories from their consumers. In the example above, Nicole shares a thoughtful quote many Latinas and Afro-Latinas today can relate to in today's society. 

4. Customized Queen Anyone?

Most women with textured, curly, or coily hair probably grew up with their abuela saying they had pelo maloPersonally growing up, my hair was always a source of uncertainty, the topic of conversation and embarrassment. When it was time for me to pick my hair products on the market, I was overwhelmed with the number of products that did not service my hair type. There was no survey asking me how often I washed my hair, or if I air dried or blow it out? Imagine having a customized hair regimen based on all those questions and more. Talk about revolutionary! FORM Beauty has a consulting program to take care of all your hair needs. Check out some of the fun and exciting questions they ask during the process.   

5. Latina Beauty Blogger Approved

Dominican beauty blogger, Alegria Rodriguez De Castillo tested out the FORM Beauty brand and created an at-home look most could achieve. Check out her video below as she uses the Cleanse Gentle ShampooRevive Restorative ConditionerMultitask Leave-In LotionTwist Styling Crème and Polish Pomade. The beauty YouTuber admits that though the products were sent to her, she's in love with the brand. Watch her full review below.