Frizz-Fighter of the Week: iTech E Energy Water

Ladies, allow us to present the very first frizz-fighting product with a virtual seal of approval: iTech E Energy water ($40-$60, This fancy spray bottle features a three-step filtration system that turns ordinary agua intro a pH-balanced mist. You probably thinking--y qué? Simply put, the enchanced water energizes replenishes your hair and skin. Instead of harmful toxins that can be found in plain old tap water, you get a boost of vitamin C and positive H-ions to protect your hair from dehydration and chlorine damage. Plus, your whole body--not just your hair--can reap the moisturizing benefits. Definitely something to think about while you're packing that weekend beach bag.

Check back next Monday for another Frizz-Fighter of the Week. Happy hydrating!

--Monica Herrera