Get the Look: 3 Tricks to Perfect Holiday Hair

Holiday parties are here! From business functions to personal get-togethers, it’s time to pull out your best seasonal look and hit the scene. Day-to-night looks work great when you are running from work to a holiday party, but what happens when you stay at the holiday party just a little bit later than you should and the next morning are running late to the office?  How can you make your day-to-night look from yesterday look great the next day? 

Scott and Jennifer Fontana, owners of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach shared with us some simple hair tricks for your party hopping. Taking the day-to-night look one step further and adding in the next day look, Scott and Jennifer said all you need is a brush, hairspray, dry shampoo and a hair tie.

Here are the steps for your day-to-night-to-day look, starting with day one.

Day one:

In the morning when your hair is slightly damp, part your hair on the side and pull it all back in to a low, loose ponytail. Twirl the length of the ponytail into a coil and then spin it clockwise around the base, tucking in the ends.  The double twist is very important to ensure your nighttime look. To secure the bun, use a soft, elastic knotted hair tie and put it around the bun very loosely just to hold it.  This look is simple, fun and sleek – perfect for the office.


After your work day is done and your clock reads party time, it’s time to let your hair down. Remove the hair tie holding up your bun, tip your head over, shake your hair and add a light dusting of hairspray. Tip your head back up and you have successfully moved from the loose up-do to sexy waves.

The morning after:

The next morning after a fun night of celebrating holiday cheer, pull your hair back into the bun using the same twisting process as the morning prior.  Place the hair tie around the chignon to secure it and add an accessory. Our recommendations: a cute broach, beaded headband or flower.

Oily hair tip: If you have oily hair, stock up on a great dry shampoo that you can use between styles.

Scott and Jennifer recommend limiting product usage to hairspray, and dry shampoo if needed, because too many products will require a good wash before stepping out the next day.  Also, make sure to lose the hairbrush for this day-night-day look; brushing will make the hair frizzy, so just make sure you give your locks a good brush before you put it in the low bun for the first time.

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