This New Trend Could Be the Answer to All Your Split-End Hair Problems

This New Trend Could Be the Answer to All Your Split-End Hair Problems

How many times have you gone to the salon for “just a trim” and suddenly had half of your hair on the floor? Most of us have experienced this nightmare at least once. Fear no more, chica, because we’ve found a happy medium to your first-world problems: hair-dusting.

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The new trend comes from Los Angeles-based Mexican-American hairstylist Sal Salcedo, who has worked with celebrities such as the colorful Francisca ValenzueDaisy Fuentes and Jessica Alba.

"Hair dusting is a technique in which you only address the damaged ends of the hair and not necessarily any length from the haircut at all," Salcedo told us. "It’s a grooming technique that allows the hair strand to be healthy by removing what is unhealthy and allowing hair growth and preventing further breakage explains.”
Still confused? Salcedo says the “difference between just trimming the ends of your hair and hair dusting is that when you normally just trim your ends you are cutting the length, but you are still leaving all of the split ends throughout the rest of your hair, which could cause more breakage. Hair dusting cuts the split ends on the surface of your hair without touching the length.”
His advice: Let an expert take care of your hair dust, but put an oil, like coconut, jojoba or almond oil, throughout the ends of your hair afterwards.