5 Steps to Get Julie Gonzalo's Glam Waves

A red-carpet favorite for many celebs, you can’t go wrong with this Old Hollywood-inspired hairstyle. The 2012 update is to keep it softer, less perfect-looking. To get Julie Gonzalo’s modern twist on this classic ‘do, follow these five quick and easy tips from her hairstylist Sarah Potempa.


Create volume by applying a light mousse to damp hair concentrating at roots. Sarah used Aussie’s Dual Personality Mousse Plus Leave-in Conditioner. The hold is strong enough to provide a good foundation without being crunchy.


This style requires a deep-set side part. It’s important to do this before blow-drying. You want to get your hair going in the right direction before it dries.


The most important element to this look is the set. Start with a one-inch square section. Holding your curling iron horizontally, curl your hair from ends to roots. Then (carefully!) slide off the barrel and secure with a duck pin to create the Old Hollywood set.

TIP: Make sure all sections are curled back in the same direction. It’s all about getting a uniform pattern in your hair.


Continue curling all of your hair in one-inch sections. Don’t worry too much about the back—just make sure it’s smooth with a slight wave. Your main focus is the front, face-framing sections.


Unpin curls and, on the same side as your part, tuck hair behind ear. Next smooth curls using a bore bristle and nylon combo brush. To avoid a scary 80s perm look, try Sarah’s technique: spray the brush with hairspray, then in one big swoop, brush hair back in the same direction. This way, all of your hair is smoothed into one pattern. Not only will this keep locks from poofing out poodle-style, it also tames any flyaways.

[For a super-easy way to get your curl, try Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver. Simply clip your hair into the clamp at the base of the barrel, choose the direction you want for your curl, then hit “go.” The barrel spins automatically, wrapping hair from ends to roots. Gorgeous beachy waves at the press of a button. Sarahpotempa.com]