The Key to Bouncy Curls Might Just Be in Your Kitchen


Let's be honest. While we like to think there is always time to air dry our curly locks, sometimes there is none. 

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That's when we recruit the help of our trusty diffuser to get the job done. Although you might be thinking, "A diffuser is just a blow dryer with a weird looking tool attached to the nozzle," it's actually so much more. Unlike using a blow drier, which directly hits the curl in a small area, a diffuser has tiny holes that distribute the heat evenly and not as strong. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget to pack this bulky tool and we're stuck struggling to get voluminous curls with just a blow dryer.

Don't have a diffuser?! No worries! Greyce Kelly has us covered! The Brazilian hair guru is teaching us all how to maintain our natural curl pattern with a simple kitchen tool – a mesh colander. That's right! While you might have seen you abuelita use this type of strainer for sifting sugar or straining pasta, what you didn't know is that it could be a lifesaver for your crespos. Trust us, diffusers really make a difference in your curls. Kelly, who has over 40 thousand followers on Instagram, shared the amazing hack of using a mesh colander as a diffuser. Just like the claw-like device, the strainer doesn't allow the heat to directly hit your curls. 

For this hack, simply cup your hair with the strainer and use the blow-dryer on low heat. Then simply repeat throughout your hair until you achieve the bouncy locks you desire. It's that easy and doesn't cost you a lot.  

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Check out this fun and simple hack below!



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