3 Tips for Killer Bangs

Fall is a great time to switch up your hairstyle. But if you’re not ready to chop it all off, try bangs—a quick and easy way to change your look! Fernanda Lacerda, owner of Maria Bonita Salon & Spa in New York City shares her pro styling tips.

Fine Hair

“If you have fine hair, try side-swept bangs. This adds volume, but still keeps the texture soft at the same time. Try a light texturizing pomade to keep hair in place without adding grease or weighting down the hair.” 

Curly Hair

You have to be extra careful when considering a bang. For this type of hair texture, the bang needs to be measured from the start of the hairline till about one closed palm of the head. This will give the necessary spacing to create bangs without going to short. Before blow drying, try the Brazilian Supplements 2-in-1 Defrizante in damp hair to manage curls. This product can be used before the blow-dry and after to keep flyaways in place."

Face Shape

“Another thing to keep in mind is round faces. People with round faces need to be sure the bangs are cut to look subtle and layered thin in order to be keep the face from looking even more round.”