My Curl Journey With Twisted Sista: How I Went From Limp Locks to Gorgeous Curls

My Curl Journey With Twisted Sista

As a beauty editor, a huge chunk of my job consists of testing out the latest and greatest products from hair to lips and beyond. But while it’s pretty much a requirement, I’m never really the one to jump at the chance to test out a product I’m not all that familiar with — especially when it comes to hair.

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Let me give you a little background. Several years ago, I tried a shampoo brand that was said to be all the rage. It was supposed to make your strands stronger, shinier, boost moisture and help with growth. Low and behold, this product line did none of that for me. As of a matter of fact, from the moment I applied it to my head, my scalp began to burn and I started losing a huge amount of locks. It was frightening, to say the least, and made me feel less than adventurous when it came to anything new on the market. The problem with that is, as so many of us know, our hair often becomes accustomed to products we continually use and oftentimes won’t give us the same, best result it did in the beginning. Being a curly-haired chica, I can’t have that because I can quickly go from #curlgoals to Chia Pet. You know what I’m talking about.

The last couple months, I noticed my hair had been suffering like the Sahara Desert, thirsty, and desperately in need of moisture — despite using hair masks and other intense conditioning products. It was making me really unhappy with my pelo.

I wound up stumbling across this London-based brand called Twisted Sista. I felt a bit hesitant, of course, but the first thing that attracted me and made me feel a little more at ease was seeing the products have “No Sulfates, Parabens or phthalates.”

Each product is infused with a cocktail made up of almond, avocado and coconut oils, which are known to nourish your scalp and strands, making curls healthier and shinier.

Seeking dry hair repair and frizz prevention, I looked to Twisted Sista’s Intense Leave-In Conditioner, the 30 Second Curl Spray and their Curl Perfection Styling Crème Gel. At night, I would wash my hair and apply the Intensive Leave-In Conditioner, which helped with detangling and blocking frizz. The next morning, you could see and feel the added moisture. Before styling, I would infuse my strands with the Curl Perfection Styling Crème Gel, applying the styling cream from root to tip to lock in all the moisture without weighing down my hair. My curls stayed in tact all day, without an ounce of dryness, and tons of shine. On the days when I was too lazy to shampoo, I turned to Twisted Sista’s 30 Second Curl Spray, which would immediately bring my curls back to life and do away with any frizz.

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Twisted Sista quickly became a favorite, and I guess it helped that even strangers on the elevator would compliment the coconut scent in my hair.