Get JLO-Gorgeous Skin

The first step to beautiful summer makeup is flawless skin!

And the better the skin, the less makeup you’ll need.

Perfect for the season, when bare beach confidence is your best accessory.

Your secret weapon – a structured skincare regimen that will leave you with hydrated, supple, protected, youthful, even skin. Yes, you can and will have it all!!

The goal – to be complimented on your JLO Glow.  Because, while it only takes a few pro tricks to achieve the look with cosmetics, there’s nothing better than looking lit-from-within naturally.

Step 1 – Keep it clean. Cleanse the face before bed at night and then again in the morning. Make sure to remove all impurities. This is critical for the absorption of your best lotions and potions.

Step 2 - Recognize beauty is more than skin deep – which is why it requires a penetrating serum. Pick one that best addresses your skin concerns. There are serums for fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, redness, simple dehydration and so on. Serums are specially formulated in a way that allows powerful ingredients to quickly travel deeper into the skin - and you only need a drop or two for the full face. Serums are a step skipped by many women yet yield noticeable results in little time. If you want that radiance, here’s where you’ll find it!

Step 3 – Simultaneously moisturize and protect.

Select a day cream that contains a broad-spectrum SPF and wear it every single day all year round. No excuses. Even if you love to be sunkissed, the days of savage tans are long-gone. If you still desire a bronzed bombshell look, of course, there’s always self-tanners and airbrush options. Or better yet, a beautiful bronzer. They key is to fake it, don’t bake it! For luminous, even skin that is supple and hydrated – both now and in the future - sunscreen is mandatory. As in: Non-Negotiable. So rather than require an extra step, pick up a moisturizer that has it built in. 

Step 4 – Go Glam. Take another page out of JLO’s playbook, and spice up your summer style with a wide-brimmed beach hat and oversized shades. Shield that skin you just prepped and primed. Remember –where fashion meets function lives fabulosity!