3 Easy Summer Beauty Tips

With summer just around the corner, you're probably already thinking about all the different ways you can change up your beauty look for the season and obtain that healthy summer glow. That's why we asked Dove's Clear Tone Beauty Expert (and fellow latina!) Mariela Bagnato to give you three super easy tips for any summer beauty routine: 

What are some of the big beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2012?

"Right now is all about colors...I'd say orange colors and fuschia, play with those and have fun with your makeup. The very important thing to highlight this season is your lips. I prefer to use a bold lipstick, like orange or pink, so try something like that. Or, you can play with your eyes using copper or brown colors, which are also trendy."

How can you keep your skin looking & feeling healthy all summer?

"I recommend drinking a lot of water, exercising and eating healthy. That is the most important thing to look beautiful on the outside. And we can't forget about those areas we hardly ever think about such as our underarms. Did you know that shaving reduces the top layer of skin by 20%? Approximately 32 million women in the U.S. experience underarm red and dark marks resulting from shaving irritation."

How can you get a good faux-glow this season?

"I know it's summer and everyone wants to look tan, but I'm not a big fan of self-tanners. You can get the look using makeup: To get the glowing skin, try bronzer and powder -- it makes your skin more even, don't use a liquid foundation."

What color lip are you looking to try out this season? Post it in the comments!