Summertime Sparks

Set off fireworks this summer with rich bright lips that won’t kiss off!

The secret – properly prepping your pout and the following backstage application tricks.

Summer lips can still be dry or chapped due to sun exposure so the first step is to exfoliate. Try a salt or sugar scrub made for expressly for the kisser – or, in a pinch, simply slough lips with a clean, dry toothbrush or a disposable mascara wand.

Next, hydrate! Moisture is essential but too much will leave you with lip product slip & slide. The key is to pat lips with balm. Wait a few minutes. Then tissue off any excess. Whatever wasn’t absorbed, wasn’t needed.

Now you have soft, supple lips just waiting to be coated in color.

Whether you want to rock it out in red, completely crush it in coral or fire it up in fuchsia – this season is all about brights!

Start with a lipliner that is flesh-toned or an exact shade match. Line and fully fill in with pencil. Apply a coat of long-wear lipstick. Look for new, non-drying formulations that contain Vitamin E and other conditioners. Press and lock in color by blotting lips, then reapply lipstick.

And if you want to look runway ready, even if you’re only strutting to the beach or the bonfire – pop a liquid or cream highlighter on the cupid’s bow. It will catch the light – and you’ll catch tons of attention!

And remember, bold lips are best paired with tons of mascara and little else. Go for drama and layer on those voluminous, thickening formulas – in waterproof, of course.

The only thing left to do – pucker up that pout and bat those lashes!