Superstar Summer Strands

No one brings the heat quite like JLO! The smokin’ hot superstar is perfection personified. No matter the season or situation, she always manages to sizzle with sleek, shiny tresses and never so much as a strand out of place.

Want to turn up the temperature this summer with your own magnificent mane? We’ve got tips and tricks that will defy humidity and elicit double takes. Here’s how to blow them away!

Start with a silicone-free shampoo and conditioner that cleanses and conditions but doesn’t weigh down hair.  Remember, sleek summer strands should still have bounce. Nowhere is it written that frizz-free means flat!

Next, apply a quarter-size of silicone-free serum to your towel-dried hair to lock in moisture and fend off frizz. Start at the ends and, using whatever is left on your hands, work into the roots. This will allow for some va-va-voom volume that is soooo boardwalk bombshell!

Using a round brush, hold hair taut and blow dry in sections. Celebrity hairstylist Kristan Serafino suggests you “begin the first section at the nape of the neck and work up to the crown.” Remember to “roll the brush downward from midshaft to the ends to ensure maximum smoothness and shine.”

Once hair is 90% dry, Kristan advises “switching to a paddle brush to complete the styling and enhance the hair texture.”

Choose natural bristle brushes for finer hair and synthetic bristle brushes for coarser hair.

Finally, finish with a dime-size of that same silicone-free serum applied to blown-out hair. This will show flyaways whose boss and give you that extra shot of shine.