Halloween How-To: La Llorona Haunted House Look

Do you know the legend of La Llorona? The "weeping woman" is said to be the ghost of Maria, who drowned and killed her children in order to be with the man she loves–except he doesn't love her back. In despair, she kills herself, but she is forced to walk the earth for eternity. 

This year, Universal Studios has brought the legend to life at a haunted house at Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights 23. Frighten your family and friends with this truly creepy look, created by Michael Burnett, the makeup designer for Universal Orlando Entertainment Art & Design. 

What you'll need:

- Plastic mask

- Black elastic

- Craft foam 

-Window screen or sheer black fabric

- Hot glue gun

- Cotton balls

- Liquid latex or eyelash adhesive

- Makeup sponges

- Disposable brushes

- Disposable Cups

- Popsicle Stick (for stirring)

- Clear corn syrup

- Black food coloring

- Halloween makeup palette

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