How to Go From Work to V-Day Plans in a Flash!

If you, like me, have oh, about five minutes max to zoom out of your office and dash to your Valentine's Day plans - then you need these 5 speedy tricks. We promise you’ll be on time and looking gorgeous. Plus, all of these work with stuff you’ve surely got on-hand. Here we go:

1. Flip your head upside down a few times – you’ll end up with instant volume!

2. Grab your most berry colored lipstick; swipe it on your lips and then dab it on your cheeks. Rub it in a circular motion on the apples. It will make you look brighter in minutes!

3. Re-curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Adding more mascara can take too much time due to the clump-factor, but a three second pump of the lash curler will give you the lift you need.

4. Cover-up dark circles and any blemishes with concealer (try Milani Secret Cover stick).

5. Spritz on your favorite sexy fragrance (I chose Ralph Lauren Romance today), pop in a breath mint, and you’re off!