Kat Von D's New Saint & Sinner Makeup Palette Is Going To Be An Instant Sell-Out

There's no denying  Kat Von D has spoiled us over the past few months with all her fabulous new launches. From her Shade + Light Crème Contour Palette to the Everlasting Glimmer Veil liquid lipsticks the makeup mogul continues to build her beauty empire one product at a time while saving animals - and  we're so here for it! 

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If you're a makeup junkie or just a huge fan of the tattoo goddess' work, you've probably heard of a thing or two about the Saint + Sinner palette. The Mexican-American beauty kept this palette on hush until late May, but have no fear the 24 hues inspired by the "good" and "bad" chica in us all is set to hit the market on Sept. 19. The highly requested eyeshadow palette is two sides, with softer and neutral shades on the "saint" side and more vibrant and daring colors on the "sinner" side. At first sight, the packaging resembles a Catholic cathedral with gold details and church-like architecture, once you open the two sided-mirror item, it's safe to say you have entered eyeshadow heaven, hence the name. During a Q & A on her Youtube channel, the makeup artist admitted: "this was inspired by visiting cathedrals overseas and seeing the light reflecting off the stained-glass windows." Check out the bright and sleek colors this palette has to offer.



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Von D even told fans this new piece is set to replace her highly pigmented Goth Pastel's palette since it was a limited edition release. If you were a fan of the older palette creative names, you'd be blown away by the artist's new style this time around. The labels match the theme of good & evil, with titles like "Prayer" and "Baptism" in the saint row and  "Confessional" and
"Ashes" by sinner side. Whether you're a die-hard Kat Von D beauty fan or just obsessed with highly pigmented makeup, get ready because this is the blessing! Looks like the brunette beauty knew, we all have a good and bad side. 

Kat Von D's Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette,  available at katvondbeauty.com on September 19th.