Meet The Latina Who Is Helping Women Take Their Lashes To A Whole New Level

Lashes speak louder than words. Need proof? Swiping a coat of mascara takes any look from ordinary to glamorous in seconds. Unfortunately, some of us were not blessed with long, thick eyelashes making us turn to extensions. While we all want a sexy flutter there are a few things to consider before getting eyelash extension, such as the high cost, maintenance, and having to sit still for what feels like hours. With that being said, extensions are not for everyone, leaving us with the next best thing: falsies.

False lashes give you the appearance of lash extensions without the commitment or price. Sounds pretty good, right? And thanks to the introduction of mink and silk lashes, you won't have to toss your falsies after every use. Depending on your care, your fake lashes can last up to 15 wears.

One Latina is helping women dress up their eyes with her amazing falsies. Meet Paula Lalanne. The blogger-turn-beauty entrepreneur created 5 Ways To Fabulous to teach women to be shamelessly female. We caught up with the Latina to talk about her blog, lash collection and more. 

Read it all in the exclusive interview below!

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What made you want to start your blog?

I wanted to start blogging because I really felt strongly about empowering women with information. I have three daughters and had three C-sections and with each pregnancy. I gained 60 pounds and I lost 60 pounds. I used to get asked all the time, "How did you lose the weight?" and all types of baby questions. I would always talk to women about it and I was just like, "You know, I should put this out there." I wanted to share the information because I really do feel strongly about not being on a diet and accepting your body the way it is. Just eating healthy pure food with no preservatives was key. That was a huge thing for me. But then beauty companies started sending me products and it kind of evolved organically into a beauty blog. I was getting eyelash extension for years and years but I could not stay still. I’m like, "I can’t sit still. I might have ADD or ADHD." I simply could not stand laying down for an hour. So I started doing my own eyelash extensions but then I didn’t like what was happening with my lashes. I started getting different types of eyelashes at the drug store and putting them together. Then I thought, "I should create my own line." Quickly, I started noticed how lashes looked different on everyone’s eye shape and I really want to flatter and compliment everyone. I was a pre-med student as well, so I was really into the symmetry and balance. I got really intrigued by the whole process and so, I designed the lashes paying attention to different eye shape.

Your blog's name is 5 Ways To Fabulous, what does the word Fabulous mean to you?

Fabulous means owning who you are. I like being a girl and I make no apologies for it. I think that it’s really powerful to be a woman today; this is the best time ever. The world is changing before our eyes. We have a voice. I think all of that is so important when owning your beauty. You should do whatever you want. if you want to be glammed up, you shouldn't have to make give explanations. And if you don’t want to be glammed up, you don’t have to make excuses for it. Just be yourself. Everyone just needs to support who we want to be. 

Walk us through the design process behind lashes.

It’s crazy! First of all, there’s a whole business aspect behind it before you can even get to the creative aspect. You have to get your business license and find a manufacturer. You have to make sure your "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed because the last thing you want to do is have this successful business and something go wrong. After getting the lashes made, I went with a manufacturer that I really liked and I tested different ones out. My big thing was I really wanted to empower everyone to be able to put the lashes on. So, I created an eyelash kit. It’s really cool. It includes a set of eyelashes, a stainless-steel applicator, and then an eyelash glue that I really like. You just brush the glue along the strip and let it dry for 60 seconds until it’s tacky like scotch tape. Then you just start at the corner of your eye and put them on. You can then apply eyeliner if you want. I mean, it might take you two or three times to get it right but get a magnifying mirror and start on the corner. It’s so easy! I also have a lot of information on my website on how to put the lashes on and all that good stuff.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start their own blog?

I would definitely recommend a couple of things. Number one, believe in yourself because honestly there are going to be days where you don’t get positive feedback. You have to shut it all out; follow your gut. Also consistency! Even on days where you feel like you’re just working for no reason, you have to move forward and do something. You have to find something that sets yourself apart. What makes you special? What makes you different? 

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Are there any new products that you're currently working on or are you solely sticking to lashes?

Oh my God! My dream is to have a lash bar. You know how Benefit Cosmetics has an eyebrow bar? Well, I want a lash bar where girls can pop in, buy lashes, and put them on. We can teach them how to apply them and remove them since they can be worn after 15 times. I just hope no one steals this idea before I can do it. [Laughs]