Patrick Starrr Transformed Into Frida Kahlo & It's Everything

From creating flower crowns to embracing unibrows, Frida Kahlo continues to inspire the world of beauty in numerous ways. The Mexican artist found her truth in creating self-portraits and celebrating gender equality. Her perfectly feathered unibrow and floral headpieces are one of the most iconic beauty looks that still lives on today. 

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Kahlo's timeless beauty has even made its mark in the blogger world. In true YouTube fashion, Patrick Starrr took to his channel to share his admiration for the legendary painter and show off his makeup skills. In the video above, the beauty boy gives us tips on how to be a brow queen in a step-by-step tutorial. Get your favorite palette out and prepare to create this breathtaking look at home. 

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Yasss Queen, you've got our Frida-approved vote! Besos! 


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