8 Beauty Brujas You Should Follow

From alluring tips to embracing their bruja roots, these women go beyond the norm to discover the magic from within. Don't be afraid of a little magic you can create! We are honoring these chicas as beauty brujas you need to keep up with: 

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1. Lora Arellano

Beauty Bruja Lora Arellano

When this beauty guru isn’t working on A-list celebrities like Rihanna, the mexicana embraces her inner bruja through cosmetic artistry. Celebrity makeup artist Lora Arellano, who founded Melt Cosmetics, gives the world a taste of edgy chic beauty. Her starry hue highlighters could put a spell on your lover, while the pigmented eye shadows will have you slaying for days.

2. Francheska Medina

Beauty Bruja Francheska Medina

Francheska Medina (aka heyfranhey) instantly became a YouTube go-to for homemade remedies for issues like acne and hair loss as well as other DIY recipes. This Afro-Latina encourages her viewers to embrace their natural roots while living a more conscious life through beauty and spirituality.

3. Stephaine Flor

Beauty Bruja Stephaine Flor

Stephanie Flor always dreamt of travelling the world in the name of beauty. She turned it into reality with her Around The World Beauty tour, where she explores beauty rituals and traditions that are practiced by women all over the globe. The beauty bruja has traveled to destinations like Mexico to experience spiritual spas and meet the people behind them. She is also the host of our Sacred Beauty video series, where she reveals the beauty behind our Latina roots.

4. Christine Gutierrez

Beauty Bruja Christine Gutierrez

As a therapist and self-love coach, Christine Gutierrez (aka CosmicChrstine) inspires all women to dive deeply into their psyche and make the changes needed in order to reach a state of inner beauty. She uplifts women to find the magic within through her annual Diosas retreat and community. This Boricua believes using mother nature's natural resources, such as seaweed, sand and essential oils, can enhance your beauty.

5. La Loba Loca

Beauty Bruja Yerbetera La Loba Loca

As a queer Latina, La Loba Loca empowers people of color and challenges whitewashed feminism. As an artist, researcher and inspiring midwife, she constantly looks back at her Peruvian roots, and uses her ancestral knowledge as a template for liberation. From baths to face scrubs, explore her organic products on lalobaloca.com.

6. Lynette Cenee

Beauty Bruja Lynette Cenee

Lynette Cenée embraces her Bohomenian style with a good vibes feel through her magical makeup. The beauty expert helps women enhance both their external and internal beauty through tutorials. Millions of viewers have tuned into this entrepreneur’s YouTube channel to step up their makeup, hair and nail game.

7. The Hoodwitch

Beauty Bruja The Hoodwitch

Bri Luna has changed the game through her Hoodwitch ways. This Afro-Latina helps women tap into their inner goddess through crystal healing, meditation and herbal baths. Through her Mexican and African-American ancestry, she has created a safe space for everyone to explore the world of essential oils, herbal salts baths or flower petals. Then, of course, there's her kickass nail lacquers.  

8. Negra with Tumbao

Beauty Bruja Negra with Tumbao

A cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson, this chica helps women explore their multi-cultural roots. Keka Araujo shares her bruja-inspired nails while helping naturalists out there rock a perfect look. It’s safe to stay her aura is on point!