6 Ways We Can #RaisetheBeautyBar in 2017

Beauty is an inside-out job, chicas. As the beauty industry innovates products to benefit our bodies, brands that encourage us to be more than alluring always stand out.

During their 60th Anniversary, Dove is celebrating by inspiring women to #RaiseTheBeautyBar. From embracing our hair to championing real beauty for generations, we plan to help the toiletry brand raise the beauty bar, Latina style. 

1. 60 Years of Love & Care

For the last 60 years, Dove's beauty bars' superior ingredients have remained unchanged. But when it comes to beauty, everything has evolved. The brand celebrates their legacy of care with a limited edition engraved beauty bar that strengthens women to continue to #RaiseTheBeautyBar. From self-esteem projects and curly hair care to creating beauty solutions for consumers, they have shed light on self-love topics and redefined beauty concerns. Check out this uplifting video that will possibly make you emotional. Now let's get down to business on how we can get involved! 

2. Embrace Your "Pelo Bueno"

Many Afro-Latinas grow up hearing about “pelo malo,” but let's make this clear: "bad" hair doesn’t exist. The idea of pelo malo needs to be tossed out the window in 2017. Let's #RaiseTheBeautyBar by embracing our pelo bueno and loving our afro-textured, wavy, curly, coiled roots that our ancestors blessed us with. With the natural hair movement on social media growing every day, along with beauty brands supporting our vision, this myth can be crushed. Imagine all the Latino cultures coming together and embracing their beauty roots.

3. Self-Love

With Latinas growing in the job market, and being rockstar mothers, being una belleza can sometimes become a task, which makes us doubt our beauty sometimes. "In 2017, I intend to #RaiseTheBeautyBar by shining a light on the inner beauty and encouraging women to love themselves," said mother-of-two Nicole Richie. Between spending hours perfecting eyeshadow creases, cat-eye wings and contouring, we must also practice self-love.  

4. LGBT Acceptance

In a culture where beauty is mostly associated with straight, cis women, promoting brands with LGBTQ beauty ambassadors is important. For example, embracing beauty boys like Gabriel Zamora's MAC Cosmetics partnership will help us #RaiseTheBeautyBar this upcoming year. Continue to slay and flourish, because beauty has no gender.

5. Bald & Beautiful

Hair loss is emotional, especially if it's associated with an illness like cancer. This year, let's #RaiseTheBeautyBar by celebrating our alluring Latina warriors, like Amanda Ramirez, whose Stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnoses doesn't stop her from beating her face and looking fabulous. "I want to humanize cancer, it's so easy for people to kinda of villainizing it – it's just a sickness. It really doesn't have the power to make you feel a certain way unless you let it," she told NBC News. This forward-thinking Latina is absolutely right, and we are in full support of her. 

6. Blissful Beliefs

We can #RaiseTheBeautyBar by respecting different belief systems. Seeing the beauty in our cultural differences will encourage our future Latinx children to do the same. 

7. Queens Supporting Queens

OITNB's Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz are #frienshipgoals for many Latinas. Let's raise the beauty bar by supporting our amigas. Being a friend means seeing the beauty in a person, and in today's fast-paced living, it somehow gets lost. You would be amazed how we can create magic once we set aside our differences and support one another.