Why This Latina Opened a Beauty Salon for Plus-Sized Women

Whether the goal is a hot new haircut, a pampering mani-pedi or a relaxing spa treatment, a trip to the salon should make us look and feel fabulous. But the harsh reality is that not all salons are as welcoming as they claim to be, and some are actually discriminating against women of size. From anti-fat comments to pricing disparities, the very places that are supposed to make us feel the most beautiful are making us feel uncomfortable at best and ashamed at worst.

A Latina in Las Vegas who is tired of the unfair treatment took matters into her own hands in the most inspiring way. Along with calling out the beauty industry's body-shaming, Jaime Lopez took action, creating Babydoll Beauty Couture, a place where plus-size chicas can feel comfortable while getting pampered.

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Lopez remembers being discriminated against multiple times in the beauty world for being plus-size, both as a makeup artist and as a customer. “It was a traumatizing experience to have a chair break,” she shared in an article with KTNV, recounting the last time she visited a salon. Her clap back? Babydoll Beauty Couture’s custom-made chairs, which hold up to 800 pounds and are 85 inches wide. Even more, the pedicure areas are large enough to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes.

Talk about empowering AF! We are so proud of this Latina who is changing the game. If you're in the Nevada area, visit the glamorous, full-service salon located at 1940 N. Decatur Blvd., Suite 110, in Las Vegas. Watch the video above for more info on the full-service salon.