Ariel Gets Some Major Work Done

In an ad that both confuses us and ruins childhood memories, a Venezuelan plastic surgery center gives the mermaid princess Ariel, well, some major work. The ad for Clinica Dempere shows Ariel escaping from Ursula the seawitch and swimming straight for the clinic -- where she's given not only legs, but seemingly bigger boobs, a nose job and probably some Botox, to boot.

We're just wondering what Disney has to say about this. Our guess? Nothing good for Clinica Dempere. But who knows -- it doesn't even look like Ariel anymore. 

While we say plastic surgery is a personal choice, we're not sure what using a (fictional) fairytale princess says to young girls. That everyone needs work? That no one is pretty enough? Even worse, the tagline implies that you'll have a happier life after plastic surgery: "We make fairy tales come true." 

But maybe we're being too critical. Tell us: What do you think of this ad?