Women Sues Sephora, After Allegedly Catching Herpes From Lipstick Sample

Sampling beauty products at your favorite store seem to be apart of the customer journey for most. While this is a developed habit for many, you may want to think twice before using "the tester" on yourself. One woman claims she contracted an STD during her shopping trip at a local Sephora shop. 

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According to TMZ, a California woman claims to have visited a Sephora cosmetics store in Hollywood in October 2015 and have sampled one of the lipsticks that were on display at the store. After using one of the “common use” lipsticks on display, she claims to have gotten herpes on her lips. 

The woman says she went to doctors for the infection, and that it had been diagnosed as Herpes. She also claims that she had never had herpes or a cold sore prior to her Sephora visit. 

The TMZ reports that according to the documents filed, Sephora failed to warn customers of any risks of getting any diseases – or in this case herpes – while trying on lipstick samples. Had she known or had seen a warning, the woman says she would have avoided trying on the lipstick. 

While no written warnings are labelled within in the store, the cult-craze beauty store does have spoolies and disposable lipstick wands around the store for customers to use sampling. While the items may be available, there is no enforcement on how to use the lipstick wands.

Though she is suing the beauty empire, the woman says that other lipstick companies have proven methods of avoiding herpes exposure. She also says that she is suing the company for emotional distress for an “incurable lifelong affliction.”

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Sephora has yet to comment on the situation.