This Latina Created the Coolest Bath Bombs For Us & We're Ecstatic

Meet Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez Rangel. The Latina suffered from anxiety and took matters into her own hand by creating a self-care product of bath bombs.

In 2016, the 24-year-old Tex-Mex beauty began making the organic and hand-made bath bombs to cope with her bipolar mania. She was inspired by her Latinx culture, traditional Latino meals, and the thought of empowering those who are on the self-care ritual journey. From bruja chica to the avocado lover, we've rounded up some of the dopest bath bombs you'll want to add to your next tub session. The Mexican beauty's bath bombs have been known to sell out like hot cakes, and are set to restock on Oct. 31. Be sure to set your alarm on your calendar and get your credit cards ready to shop here

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1. Avocado Amor

Aguacate Bath Bomb, $12,

2. Sugar Skull

Calaverita Bath Bomb, $8,

3. Mango and Orange Paleta

Desayuno en Xochimilco, $5,

4. Bruja & Brewin'

Fortune Bubble Bar, $7.50,

5. Paleta Passion

Manguito Enchilado Paleta Bath Bomb, $6,

6. Fan-Tabulous

Flan Bath Bomb, $5,

7. Mal de Ojo

La Llorona , $7,