Three Things Our Editor at Large Verky Arcos Baldonado Can’t Live Without During the Winter

Three Things Our Editor at Large Verky Arcos Baldonado Can’t Live Without During the Winter
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I have always been a lover of the heat – the hotter the better!  There’s something about walking around town with no chill in your bones while sporting a dewy, golden skin tone look and natural hair that attracts me. However, living in the Northeast, this feeling of bliss doesn’t last very long. Winter creeps in, and every part of me feels it: my skin gets dull, lips become more chapped than usual, hair is dry and, of course, winter blues kick in. So, every year around this time, I challenge myself to keep that soft, warm-looking skin and vivacious hair alive throughout the cold, frigid months by moisturizing from head to toe – literally.

Here’s how I master that challenge:

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Body Oil

As soon as the weather hits 60 degrees or below, I break out a body oil to replace my body lotion. I usually go with a coconut oil because it’s super accessible and tends to be inexpensive, but I can do anyone that smells good. I prefer body oil rather than lotion because it keeps my skin soft and moisturized enough to combat a full winter’s day. (Also, I was once told by an elderly man that oil on your body, for the winter months, keeps you warmer, so why not?!)

Sunfood Organic Raw Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, $13,

Lip Balm

I have endured enough winter days in my life where I’ve found myself licking my chapped lips, for temporary satisfaction, that resulted in dry, almost cracked labios, to know that I should always carry a lip moisturizer. Depending on the dryness of my lips, I alternate lip balms. As an everyday lip moisture, I like the Rosebud Salve because it smells delish while coating and restoring my lips with a pretty gloss. Overall, it’s a great quick remedy for any dry body parts, such as rough hands, parched cuticles or a dry face. If I have chapped lips, I like to stick with the old-school Carmex because it’s inexpensive and really works at soothing your lips.

Rosebud Salve Tin, $7,

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Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is naturally thick, wavy and frizzy, so during the winter months, when I add “dry” to my hair texture, it’s important for me to find a super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried several products, even coconut oil, and while they moisturize, they also weigh down my hair, leaving it with no life. I recently tried L'Oréal’s EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System shampoo & conditioner, and it did everything I was looking for and then some. These 100 percent vegan hair products definitely gave my pelo the moisture it needed, but didn’t leave it oily looking or weighed-down. In fact, it seemed to restore and revive some of my dry, damaged hair, giving it life! After my hair wash, I simply let it air-dry and got a beautiful, soft and healthy-looking bounce with less frizz than usual. For a moment, I was able to go back to that summer-loving feeling!

L'Oréal EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System, $7 each,