Clinique’s Sister Line a Doctor’s Dream

Clinique has always been known as a sort of “big sister” in the cosmetics world. She’s the one you turn to when you get your first zit; she’s the one you consult when you want to start using a “big girl” skincare regime. The products in her line are gentle, dermatologist-recommended and comfortingly safe. And in a return to the brand’s doctorly roots, they’ve teamed up with Allergan to create Clinique Medical, a line which helps the skin prepare and maintain its health before and after in-office procedures, like laser treatment, mircroderm abrasion and chemical peels.

This collection of uber-gentle, antioxidant-rich cleansers, moisturizers and conditioners is only available in dermatologists offices, aimed at keeping the skin protected and minimizing post-procedure ailments like redness and irritation. It’s like if your big sister put on a lab coat and got her doctorate degree in gorgeous skin.