Get These Latina Halloween Nails With Help From KISS

Get these Latina Halloween nails with help from KISS

October is all about getting sexy and spooky, and what better way to top off your look than with a Latina Halloween nail design from KISS? Thanks to KISS professional nail products and celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards, ditching the salon doesn’t mean your nails have to look scary — unless you want them to, of course!

Nail covers and nail tattoos mean you don’t have to worry about getting nail polish on your fingers or messing up that perfect design. Professional art brushes and colors that pop are certain to give you the perfect look every time.

Feel like a nail pro at home and get these Halloween-inspired Latina nails in time by following these easy instructions. You can even win everything you need to make these happen by entering our KISS Halloween nails giveaway!

Step 1: Polish 100-Count Nail Covers with KISS Nail Artist Paint ($7) in white.

Step 2: Make two diagonal lines on the top and at the tip of your nail with KISS Nail Artist Paint in black, leaving a white space between the two black diagonals then fill in with black polish.

Step 3: Apply the bones using Halloween KISS Nail Artist Tattoos ($3) at the tip of nails.

Step 4: Create the skull using KISS Nail Artist Paint in white using your detail brush from KISS Salon Secrets ($10) for a more precise line then apply clear stones for skull eyes.

Step 5: Dip your detail brush into a red polish to create the “Latina” logo and use the dotter tool from KISS Salon Secrets for dripping blood.

Step 6: Seal your design with a clear top coat polish!