Forget Your Face — Nail Contouring is the Latest Secret to Upping Your Beauty Game

Trend Take-Over: Nail Contouring

We've all tried sculpting our beautiful cheekbones with bronzer and slimming our abs with foundation but now, nail contouring is the latest beauty trend taking over social media.

Nail guru Jin Soon Choi brought this new trend to the masses at the Vera Wang SS17 show during New York Fashion Week, and it’s quickly become a favorite for the beauty-obssessed. This beauty statement makes your fingers appear slimmer and helps them look longer without using acrylic.

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Want to give it a try? Here’s how to nail contour in just two easy steps:

1. Apply a base color.

2. Then contour your nail bed with a dark or bright color down the center of your nail. Leave room on both sides to give that contouring effect

Check out more examples of nail contouring below:


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