Becky G: "My 5 Biggest Hollywood Crushes!"

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Hola, Beasters! I've been in constant crazy mode (including performing at the Latin Grammys!), but I want to take the time to talk about one of my favorite topics: boys. 

There are a LOT of cute, crush-worthy boys in Hollywood. But I definitely have a few favorites, like any other girl ;) Here are my top 5 Hollywood crushes! 

Channing Tatum

The first person would be Channing Tatum. I fell in love with him ever since I watched him in the movie “The Vow.”

Zac Efron

I’ve always had a crush on him since “High School Musical” came out. He's so cute. 

Niall Horan

I also have to say all One Direction, but I really like Niall. He has this really sweet Irish accent, it’s adorable.

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