Becky G: "My 3 Biggest Fashion Influences!"

Hola, Beasters! It's the end of New York Fashion Week, so what better day to talk about my biggest fashion influences. 

Rita Ora and Rihanna are two of my biggest style icons. I love how they dress! Obviously I'm younger than they are and their looks are a lot sexier, but their styles really inspire me. I love that they dress feminine yet urban. They love to wear colors but they also pair all black ensembles with lots of gold jewelry. They have a real sense of street fashion and I feel like that's how I dress! When I'm doing red carpets, I definitely like to look at clothing that they've worn for inspiration.

I would also say the streets of LA inspire me. Sometimes I find myself driving down La Cienega or La Brea and there are people walking by with really dope outfits and I'm wondering, "Where did they get that?" and "How can I make something like that?" I get inspiration from everywhere!

Who are some of your favorite fashionable stars? Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Would love for you to share in the comments! Till next time, besos!