Travel Beauty Basics

I'm just going to say it: Most complimentary hotel shampoos and conditioners suck. Well, okay, if you’re staying somewhere ultra luxe and glamorous, I'm sure you get some pricy name brand bottles in the bathroom. But most of the times I use the free stuff and it feels like I’m washing my hair with liquid detergent.

That's why I recently decided to invest in some good hair care that comes in small bottles. Frederic Fekkai Travel Faves: Brilliant Glossing ($43, is an adorable purple purse filled with a mini Fekkai shampoo, conditioner, mini glossing cream, mini comb, and mini hairspray (yes, hairspray! Clutch! And so often overlooked in these travel kits!). I hated spending over forty bucks on such small tubes, but during a friend’s recent bachelorette party in Las Vegas where my hair became fried and dry, I was so grateful I did!