Your Skin Looks Amazing! (How Much Did It Cost You?)

Recently I was told my face looked healthy, flushed and so well rested. This is a compliment I can't recall hearing in my whole life. (Usually I hear how tired, run-down and pale I look.) I suspected I knew what it was that prompted this comment, so the next day I tickled my cheeks with another helping of La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream Blush in Peach Glow. I swear, I got two "You look pretty"-comments and one: "You look really good today." It has to be this blush—this incredibly blendable, easy-to-wear anti-aging cream with gorgeous color kick.

The price, however, is enough to make you blush: $70 ( I'm sorry, I mean no disrespect to such an obvious miracle worker, but why is such a beautiful thing so hard to afford?

What do you think?