Milian Dollar Look: The Best Tips & Tricks for Highlights!

Go behind-the-scenes of beauty with Danielle Milian (yes, Christina Milian's younger hermana) as she spills her best hair tips, shares her favorite products and gives us the low down on those celeb looks.

One of the most common highlight HORROR stories I hear all the time starts with, "I walked into the salon..."  and ends with, "It was nothing like what I wanted. I cried for days!"

What I can tell you is that 90% of time, the problem started with miscommunication. Know what you want and how to ask for it! Women often bring in a picture of a celebrity or model who's hair texture/length/color is nothing like their own, this leaves it up to the stylist to translate what they think you want. My advice: bring in multiple pictures and have realistic expectations for your hair. Remember your stylist is an artist, not a magician!

Know the salon lingo and what it really means to avoid the NIGHTMARE! I'm going to teach you the difference between these common key words using the lovely Sofia Vergara as our example, so your next salon visit will feel like a TREAT and not a TRICK!

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1. Highlights

HIGHLIGHTS are usually the cheapest and healthiest way to lighten up your hair. You can do a PARTIAL HEAD HIGHLIGHT, like what is shown here to start.

This will keep your darker base evident, but provide a brightness that frames the face. A quality colorist won't leave you looking striped. Keep in mind that with each touch up, your look overall will be lighter. If you want to maintain darker locks, ask for lowlights every other visit in addition to your highlights.

2. Lowlights

LOWLIGHTS provide dimension to an otherwise flat color. They are a great way to make dark hair pop!

These are always recommended so that your color doesn't look like it came straight from a box. (No offense box lovers!)  Most stylists will choose a second color close to your base to add in. You can also get playful with your hair here by adding subtle reddish or plum lowlights. It's a great way to experience the change without making the major jump to a solid head of bright color that you may not be ready for.

3. Ombre

OMBRÉ color is still here! It's the details that count with the ombré.

Typically this look is dark roots with much lighter ends and no solid line in between How light should the blonde be? Where should they start.. Eyes? Ears? Neck? Be specific!

4. Balayage Highlights

BALAYAGE HIGHLIGHTS are rapidly becoming the most popular look in color these days. This look will get you lighter locks with zero definition on where the highlight starts or ends.

It's off the scalp so you aren't running back to the salon for touch ups the moment you have growth. Know that this process is done mostly freehand by your colorist and it takes practice. Ask the receptionist which stylist specializes in this type of color and go with the pro!