Milian Dollar Look: The Best Red Lipsticks

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to be daring with your look and display ultimate confidence, and what better way to do that than with a red lipstick! It's time to invest in the perfect rouge no matter your budget and these lipsticks come at every price point. So whether you are testing the waters with your first red hue or you already know how to rock it in red, these products are long-lasting and will give you a smooth finish that won't make you pout before your big date:

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1. Splurge

Worth the Splurge

Chanel - Rouge Allure- Passion $36

YSL - Rouge Volupte - Red Muse $36

2. Live a little

Live a Little

STILA - Stay All Day - Scarlet Vinyl $24

Kat Von D - Studded Kiss - Underage Kiss $21

3. Play it safe

Play it Safe

Sephora - Color Liplast - Pure Red $13

Hard Candy - Gloss - Mistress $6

And don't forget these 3 simple rules for rockin' a red lip:

1) Prep your lips
*sugar water makes a great scrub
* moisturizer beforehand is a must

2) Give yourself a guideline
*always line your lips to avoid spreading

3) Clean it up!
  *use a small foundation brush to clean up any jagged edges you made