Dolores dice...Fat Fatale

Dear Dolores:

I have been with my boyfriend for seven months and I can honestly say I love him to death. He recently asked me to marry him, but a couple of weeks later he changed his mind. He told me I was not the one he wanted to plan the future with because of my weight. I was devastated. He’s 24 years old, 6-foot-1 and weighs about 300 pounds. I’m 20, 5-foot-5, weigh 160 and I’m considered quite attractive. He said that if I don’t lose weight he’d leave me. What should I do?

—RGV Chica on the Net

Dear RGV:

Hold on to your love handles, m’ija! Let’s get some perspective here. If you go by those height/weight charts, your dear boyfriend is about 120 pounds overweight, while you’re only 30 pounds off the mark. If you’re willing to forget his threat of rejection and start from scratch in the name of love, I suggest both of you head for the gym hand in hand and work this thing out. Make a commitment to each other but, remember, be fair. He’s got to melt 4 pounds for each one you lose. If he’s not up to the challenge or family genes get on the way of slimming down, he may come around the idea of living happily ever after as a pareja de gorditos.

Or not. . . D